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Douglas Pletcher

GNR Hyperlytes: Excellent Cabinet Lighting

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Watch the promotional video here!

Customer vids:


The first thing most people say when they look at a Guns N’ Roses Limited Edition pinball machine is “Hey, not enough lights!” Of course they don’t mean under the glass—there are a few lights in there—but for all the show blasting in the machine, it sure is dark out there beyond the cabinet. 

We can help you with that. Try GNR Hyperlytes! These cabinet lights take the light show to the entire room—they mirror the excellently programmed JJP Hot Rails and bring the game to life for players and fans alike. 

GNR Hyperlytes are immersive for the player, a show-grower for the audience, and an overall impressive addition to your GNR LE… order yours today!


  • More than 200 additional LEDs in four light bars for the bottom and the back of your cabinet
  • Mirrors the left and right hot rails individually and light up around your game in visual "stereo"
  • Integrated signal buffer ensures clean data and power signals to all lights
  • Super bright LEDs to extend the concert with conviction
  • 100% Plug-N-Play: no permanent modifications to the game, easy to install/remove
  • Installs in 30-45 minutes 
  • Relay ensures lights power up/down with the game
  • Velcro light bar hangers for easy disassembly when moving your machine

Owners say:

"This is the best mod I have done to my GNR!!!"

"A+ all the way!"

"Even my wife (not that much into pinball) thought it looked amazing."

"The effect is amazing in person... for the cost it's one of the best mods you can add."


In the box:  

  • Hyperlytes buffer/controller box
  • Beefy power supply to never let your lights down
  • Four 1-meter long enclosed LED profiles with white translucent diffusers (60 pixels in the right profiles and 42 pixels in the lefts) 
  • Wiring harnesses to connect to game and to the LED profiles with eight simple clicks
  • Relay control box to power on/off Hyperlytes with game switch
  • Mounting velcro and cable management 

*If you have the robot eye mod for your start button, please select the "add splitter" option when ordering--you will require it to run both mods

**If you require international shipping, please contact us directly for proper shipping quotes


Disclaimer:  This product is not affiliated with or endorsed by Jersey Jack Pinball in any way and although it is designed to not interfere with or endanger your game, it may void the manufacturer's warranty.  Any responsibility for modifications of your games is yours alone.  

Shipping & Returns

returns only on defective products.


What machines does this work with? 

All modern Sterns running spike2 starting with Batman 66 up to the latest release currently Rush. Currently it requires a metal Apron so you either need a premium/LE or to replace the apron on your pro. I will be testing some alternatives the issue with pros is very minimal clearance between the glass and apron. 

Will this work with other manufactures? 

Currently I have tested on a Spooky game(Ultraman) and yes it will, it does require one different component do if you would like it for a Spooky please contact me. 

Are there any known issues with the mod?

After some new boards the mod is working quite well.

Other than that you just need to be careful, after much testing I think the screens are now fairly rugged, but they are small thin LED screens if you bend them enough or poke them hard they can crack. This should not be an issue as long as you exercise reasonable caution but I cannot be responsible if you are careless and crack it. This is one reason why the magnets are good no force required if you want to move it etc..

How does it attach to the apron? 

It is using strong thin magnets, I personally think this is the best method as it is not permanent and allows you to easily reposition it. I have decided to ship with the magnets not installed so that you have the option of using double stick tape or another method if you prefer. You will just stick them on yourself. It also allows for better packing.

Will there be any visible wires?

No if you install it centered on the apron the PCB board and all wires will be hidden under the apron, there will be a ribbon cable that runs on the front of the apron but it will not be visible when the lock bar is installed. 

What will I be getting when I order? 

You will receive a 5 inch LED screen with a custom bezel, a signal converter to split the Spike to signal to the original monitor and the HDD as well as an HDMI cable and USB power cable, along with a few small parts for installation 

How hard is it to install?

I would call this medium level, it’s not as simple as snapping in a 3D printed part but also not overly complex. You will need to install the splitter board in the backbox, there are a few connections that need to be removed, reconnected etc. I will tell you that the display connector is a bit finicky and its critical that its installed snuggly and correctly I will do my best to make this easier. There are also a few connections that have to be offset by one set of pins for example so it’s critical that you pay attention to the install instructions. Once this is done you simply route two cables(power and HDMI) to the lower apron, remove the apron, install the PCB and screen, put apron back and hope you made all you connections nice a solid

Installation Instructions

These two videos show the install process on spooky please note that the new splitter I send required the spooky screen to be hooked into output 1 and the HDD to output 2. It also requires power so I supply a USB splitter.

Part 1

Part 2

Also here are Stern instructions for additional reference but the above is what you need.

Install Video

Written instructions

  • Refunds and Exchanges

    If you product is defective we will either fix it refund your money. There are no returns accepted if you just dont want the product, please read the FAQ before you order. We will not be responsible if you break the product while installing it etc. With all this said I do want to provide good service so if you are not happy please contact me so we can work it out.